N.R. Davis & Sons Shotgun

This page started as a search for information about a shotgun owned by my Grandfather, Albert Mitchell. It was made by N.R. Davis & Sons, and is a hammerless double barrel 12-guage with wire-twist barrels. It has a number "17" stamped into it under the barrels, but I don't know of any other identifying marks.  We have very little information about this gun or it's history other than what I've gathered here on these pages and we would still like to find out it's value, along with any other available information.

NR Davis & Sons Factory postcard imageAs I searched for information, I also posted some photos of the gun here on my site. Somehow my site wound up at the top of the google search results for N.R Davis & Sons, and I began getting emails from folks who were on the same quest as me. So, in an effort to hopefully save some of you the trouble of searching through multitudes of websites, forums, and newsgroups, I have compiled snippets of information from various sources around the web. In each case I've provided a link back to the page I got the text from, in case that helps some of you in your research and as an acknowledgement of the author's contribution.

I hope this helps some of you who are searching for information on N.R. Davis & Sons shotguns.

N.R Davis & Sons Information & Links