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Please don't email me asking about the value of your N.R. Davis Shotgun, or any other gun, because I don't know. Everything I know about N.R. Davis Shotguns is on this website, and I don't really know much about firearms in the first place. Sorry. My primary goal in putting up the N.R Davis & Sons pages was to try to find out general information and hopefully the value of my Grandfather's gun, but so far it has really only solicited questions about other people's guns. Go figure.

To the best of my knowledge and based on info people have sent me here and that I've culled from Google searches, my Grandfather's shotgun is worth anywhere from $150.00 $400.00, depending on its condition and who is buying it.

Now, if you still want to contact me about something feel free, but don't expect a reply if you didn't bother to read the above info and act accordingly.


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